Techno Kitten Adventure. Yes, you can has it.
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What am i?
I'am a cat fueled by hopes and dreams. Help me navigate through fantastical worlds of dance music. Top rated and top downloaded on xbox indies, This sidescroller gained a cult following through its quirky design and simple control. Now upgraded and expanded, the game is packed with new levels, playable kittens and techno songs. Game center and open feint compatibility let players rank on leaderboads, unlock achivement and collect the greatest trophy of all, Love
Techno Kitten Adventure will be the next runaway hit. Mark our words -
For the price of a bag of pretzels you can get one of the most deeply satisfying experiences of xbox indie games. Get it.. Get it now. You'll thank me later -
Scr3w Call Of Duty. All The Cool Kids Play Techno Kitten Adventure -
Moar Kittehs, Moar Levels, Moar Songs, Leaderboards, Achivements, Blootooth controller hd video out for ipad